Click on any of the available options to view how SODA stacks up against the competition.
SODA enables users of any skill level to make their own instrumentals. Unlike type beat rips and non-exclusive beat leases, no other artist will have the same beats as you,

because your beats begin and end with your unique ideas.
Whether you prefer paying for downloads individually, low-cost monthly subscriptions, or one-time lump sums, and with download credits costing between
$0.60 and $2.00 per beat,

soda covers your way to pay.
Once you create, purchase, and download a soda beat, you own it. no questions. period.

you don’t owe us anything else. No cut of your profit, no sync royalty fees, not even credit in your ig captions.

you make the music, so you make the money.
The soda sound library is designed to sound well mixed as-is. This way you can skip the effort of eq, compression, sound design, and other production headaches, and focus on writing the music.
Music is an endless field of unlimited possibility, but most of the music we listen to follows a few basic rules.

Those rules are integrated into SODA's tools and interface so everything you write fits the common practices of theory.
In the soda workflow, you…

1. write short loops
2. arrange your loops into full tracks

the freedom to write and arrange your own loops allows you to organize the sections of your beat to fit the song you’re writing.
Type Beat
Always Unique
To You
Click on any of the available options to view how the competition compares to SODA.
Type Beat Rips
everybody uses video-to-mp3 to get their beats, so everybody is using the same beats as each other, so everybody’s songs give off that
“heard this before” vibe.

Not a great way to stand out.
A video-to-mp3 Type Beat rip costs zero money to access,

but you do pay for it in other ways.
copyright infringement may not be a big concern while you’re underground, But If you blow up and get rich on a beat you don’t legally own...

you may lose all your new money to legal fees and settlements.
Learning to produce well can take decades, so Video-to-mp3 seems like an appropriate alternative,

But that shortcut limits your benefits down the road.
Many find music theory confusing and skippable. A video-to-mp3 type beat rip is an obvious alternative,

but it’s not the best option creatively or financially.
Type beat rips limit your songwriting to:

1. whatever is in the track
2. whatever your engineer can splice together

You have no freedom to separately customize each individual instrument.
Desktop DAWs
Anything you make yourself will be unique to you, but great results from a desktop daw require time, effort, and money.
Desktop daws can cost
from $99 flat-fee up to $959.88/year.

That doesn’t include the price of midi controllers, audio interfaces, mics, or software plugins.

a soda download credit costs between $0.60 and $2.00.
Owning a desktop daw means having the right to use it for profit,

but entry is expensive, and the learning curves can be steep.
The desktop daw offers powerful tools and processes to create professional productions, but that doesn’t do you any good until you spend countless hours learning and mastering the craft.

For your time, there are better ways.
even if you spend the countless hours it takes to learn the tools of a producer, you’re stuck with nothing until you know enough theory to actually compose good music.
A desktop daw gives you control over every individual instrument in a track, but accurately bringing your vision to life requires a lot of up-front time, effort, and money.
Online DAWs
just like on a desktop, online daws give you access to complex and dynamic tools to create anything you can imagine,

but signing up and getting started is only the first step in spending countless hours learning and mastering the tools and interface.
online daws offer full production suites for low monthly fees, or even limited access completely for free,

but your output can only be as good as your skills with production and composition.
The resources and tools available to online daw users are legal for profit,

but making something profitable with them takes a lot of know-how.
Access to great production tools from any internet enabled device does nothing for you

if you don’t have the
skills and knowledge it takes to use them.
even if you master the tools and interface on an online daw, without a stable understanding of basic music theory, you won’t be able to accurately bring your vision to life.
in the free environment of online daws, you can put any sound anywhere you want, but there’s a hidden logic to arranging loops that you may be lost without.
Buying Beats
When you buy a beat from a producer online, it isn’t always clear if you’re getting an exclusive license or not.

If you’re buying a non-exclusive license, a thousand other artists could buy and use the same beat.
you can find online retail prices for beats anywhere between $10 and $600.

Even on the lower end, multiply by how many songs you want to release, and you’re looking at spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on beats for your tracks.
paying producers for their beats grants you legal permission to use their work in your productions,

but it can cost a lot of money for something that may not uniquely and precisely suit your vision as an artist.
if you don’t have any experience producing instrumentals, it’s very easy to find someone who does, and you can expect to face even more problems when you do.
Most producers know enough music theory to make their productions sound how they want, so you won’t have to worry about how to actually compose music,

but you will have other things to worry about.
depending on who you work with, where you get the beat, and how much it costs, you may be getting individual tracks for each instrument, or just a single mastered file.

unless you add your own production, you’re stuck with what you’re given.
Always Unique
To You
For Profit
No Production
Experience Required
No Music
Theory Required